FORE brings together osteopathic associations, voluntary registers and Government-recognised regulators to improve standards of osteopathic care across Europe. our visions is underpinned by the following strategic aims to:

  • Achieve the recognition and regulation of osteopathy as an autonomous healthcare profession
  • Ensure that standards of osteopathic treatment across Europe are progressively more consistent
  • Promote greater awareness of osteopathy and how, properly regulated, it can make a significant contribution to improving the health of European citizens
  • Provide an inclusive and transparent forum to facilitate effective decision-making by FORE members
  • Cooperate with other organisations sharing the aims of FORE.

More information about FORE's membership is available at:


Currently FORE is working with European colleagues to implement the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision (EN16686). This was approved in 2015, and while it will not impact in those countries with existing legislation concerning standards of osteopathy, it will provide a benchmark of care for patients in those countries without any regulatory mechanisms.


For more information contact:

Gert Jan Goede (Chair):

Sarah Eldred (Secretariat):

+ 44 207 457 6655 x245




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