Osteopathy in Italy is not a regulated profession.


In 2012 osteopathy was recognised as profession in legislation, but not part of healthcare.


However, a proposal to recognise osteopathy as a healthcare profession was passed in April 2016 by the Health Committee in the Italian Senate. This is an amendment put forward by Senator Emilia de Biasi to a wider decree (ddl 1324 Lorenzin) on the reform of health professions in Italy.





Associazione Diffusione Osteopatica

Contact: Maurice Audouard (President)

Via Magliano Sabina 23

00199 Rome




Federazione Sindicale Italiana Osteopati

Contact:Alfonso Mandara (President)

Via Breda 120

Milan 20126


+39 333 342 5016



Italian Association of Classical Osteopathy



Registro degli Osteopati d'Italia

Contact: Paula Schiomachen (President)

Corso Vercelli 35

20144 Milan


+39 2 48 19 97 58





Centro Studi di Osteopatia Tradizionale

Contact: Giacomo Lo Voi

Piazza Sant'Andrea della Valle 3

00186 Rome



+39 6 6880 93 85



European Institute of Classical Osteopathy



European Institute for Osteopathic Medicine

Contact: Maurizio Zanardi

Viale Roma 59

35010 Padova-Massanzago



+39 49 5736775



Istituto Superiore Di Osteopatia

Contact: Carmine Castagna

vie E Breda 120

20126 Milan



+39 2 257 1001


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